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Illustration – Roxa in Bucharest

So I visited Bucharest with my friend, Roxana Târziu (an awesome illustrator). A friend offered us a place to stay while we were there. It turns out, it was the house … Continue reading

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Hamsters gonna hamst – Illustration

This is an illustration of Nashua the hamster. He very diligently stuffs his cheeks with all sorts of snacks for later. Just in case. He was always very proud of not … Continue reading

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Ud – Thin “Wet” Font

A thin, sans serif with a few ‘inconsistencies’ in the difference between the stems and x-height, for the purpose of making it a bit more informal. The concept is, to … Continue reading

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CyberGothic – New Font!

An aggresive typeface, through the harsh rhythm of heavy lines and thin serifs, plus narrow letterspacing.

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Amural – Visual Poetry Posters

This is a series of A1 posters for an event called “Amural”, that happened in Brasov. It was an event that also contained the sub-event “visual poetry”, where cool young … Continue reading

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Slavoj Žižek – Illustration

This is the face of Slavoj Žižek. I decided to illustrate his interesting and odd portrait, since I wanted to surprise one of my friends, with a spontaneous present. He … Continue reading

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This Post(er) is not available in your country.

The Lazi Akademie decided to make another DIN A1 Poster contest. This time, the theme was “Integration”. My idea was, making a text looking like a CRT monitor, saying “this … Continue reading

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