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Friends don’t let friends buy Apple Products

Apple Products This one was a funny story. A friend of mine was planning to buy a new laptop (without working with video, photo or graphic design), and so I really did my best to explain to her, that she is paying more for less. She was going to buy a 1000-to-2000 dollar Facebook machine. I showed her the tech specifications, different designs and prices and compared different producers including Apple. She concluded, it would be wise to not buy a MacBook. I then felt like I saved her a lot of money by intervening. Normally, I am very reserved to telling people around me right from wrong. They must make their own decisions and mistakes in life, to get to their own conclusions. But about MacBooks, It’s a pretty clear thing;  unless you are a visual media professional, or not very technologically savvy, its just better to look for some other computing device.

If you like the design, here is where you can buy prints of it:



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I am a Graphic Design student who is explorin' the numerous styles and techniques and programs for digital art and visual stuff in general. I enjoy all of it! I like exciting people visually (and mentally every now and again).

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