Spontaneous Art Attack

The Art of Everyday Life

Second Guess

We all know that perfection is an illusion, but we constantly search for it. We try to find it in things, in ourselves, and most of all, in other people.

One searches for his better half, for that one person that will meet all requirements. But we tend to, quite always, forget that this is impossible. Yes, I’m aware of the idea that our imperfections are those that bring us closer to it, but I call bullshit. There is no such thing. No matter how close something or someone will get to our ideal, we’ll always want more and better. It’s the way we are – never being satisfied with anything. It’s almost like an ambition.

Sadly, this get’s in the way of our social interaction. It creates a sort of compulsion that gets one really close to OCD. And in the end, life is all about our obsessive compulsions. We want, we need things to be and be done our way, in the hopes of achieving this said perfection. But where does it get us? Nowhere. Our obsessions get deeper and stronger. Our needs evolve. Nothing will ever be enough.

The perfect example for this is the way we socialise. We always meet for one beer, and end up drinking much more. Because there’s always that “one more beer” we’ve heard and said a million times before. This is the way we perceive perfection. “Just one more thing, and we’re there.”


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