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Time Lapse – Dancing German Clouds

The view from my balcony is nice, innit?
I made this as my first time lapse ever. It is a bit flickery at dusk and dawn, but the next time, it will be more stable. It was my first time using Adobe After Effects, don’t judge too harshly!

So sit back and enjoy the psychedelic-ness of it. The clouds are moving quite fast in comparison to the usual timelapses. And they are moving towards the camera. Whilst casting shadows on the landscape, which also move towards you. All that create a trippy tunnel effect.

Shot with a GoPro HERO3: Black Edition and edited with Adobe After Effects CC [Digital Membership]


About tudy1311

I am a Graphic Design student who is explorin' the numerous styles and techniques and programs for digital art and visual stuff in general. I enjoy all of it! I like exciting people visually (and mentally every now and again).

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