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The story of Guy

Once upon a time, there was a guy, who had 365 friends. For each day, he had a friend to go out with, and once every 4 years he sat one day out.

Oh, was he nice and friendly and well-mannered! Everybody found him to be an enjoyable companion. He went anywhere to have any sort of fun with anyone, but mostly, he loved drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Yet, on the 144th day, when he had to meet Mr. 144., he got all scared! The Guy was furious with 144, because he brought another friend. You could see Guys face turning different colors for what had been dared to be done to him. Every day he had a different person to go out with, this is just pure chaos! How dare he bring someone else along without announcing?

He hadn’t been this angry with someone ever, at least as far as he could remember. He stood up and silently said:

“That’s it, 144!, I’m leaving!”, turned his back, lifted his nose in the air and walked away.

Because 144 and his friend were engaged in discussion, they didn’t observe Guys rash and angry departure.

Silly Guy, he didn’t even wipe the chocolate in the corner of his mouth. He took his umbrella, ripped the coat off the hallstand and smacked the bar with some money.

As he chocolately walked back home, because of his focus on anger, because of the music playing loud in his ears, maybe because of 144s impertinent behavior, he fell in a hole.

He screamed and screamed and screamed! But nobody could hear him, he was stuck. He calmed down, remembering he had 365 friends, and one of them will surely worry for him.

But as each day passed, another of his friends slightly got angry and slightly worried for Guy, as he didn’t show up.

Nobody thought about it longer than their day out with him. Nobody was struck with serious worry. After all, he must be fine with another 354 friends! He must have just overslept.

Our friend, Guy, was left there, dying of starvation, thirst or neglect, still with a spot of chocolate at the corner of his mouth. That was last year.

This year, because of the Guys death, 365 people will go out to meet Guy, but he never shows up. I wonder if they will keep trying to meet him next year.

If you ever see people sitting alone waiting for someone, let them know that Guy is rotting in a hole, and they needn’t wait anymore.


About tudy1311

I am a Graphic Design student who is explorin' the numerous styles and techniques and programs for digital art and visual stuff in general. I enjoy all of it! I like exciting people visually (and mentally every now and again).

3 comments on “The story of Guy

  1. harrietvsmatches
    August 1, 2012

    moral: never have 365 friends.

    • tudy1311
      August 1, 2012


      • tudy1311
        August 1, 2012

        also, wipe your face after drinking chocolate.

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